The Team


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Sports Massage

Throughout 365 days of marathon running, my body is going through a significant amount of repetitive endurance and strain. I am pleased to say that Erin O’Brien from ‘Maidstone Physic Clinic’ came on board from day one to hold my body together and put it ‘back together’ on a weekly basis. Her knowledge is fantastic and her bedside manner, whilst putting her ‘thumbs of torture’ all over me, is great. Couldn’t do without her help!

Sports Nutrition

Running a marathon every day, unsurprisingly uses a lot of calories. Chatting to other athletes doing similar endurance events, there seemed to be no real ‘plan’ for fuelling this type of challenge. I decided to approach an expert in sports nutrition and that is where I was lucky enough to meet Fiona Brenninkmeijer. One of the things that stood out when speaking to Fiona was that she was not just concerned with the 12 months of my extremem challenge, she was from the outset interested in keeping my body healthy “beyond” the 12 months of endurance. I would highly recommend checking out her website and contacting her for any of your dietary needs.


I am currently looking for a PR consultant / expert who can allocate some of their time to increase the awareness of the 365MarathonMan challenge across the UK and therefore get us closer to our target of £100,000 raised for the two amazing charities – Pilgrims Hospices and Macmillan Cancer Support.

If this is you, please get in touch so that we can discuss your ideas and how you could help move things forward in the coming weeks

Get Involved

If you would like to be part of the team that helps me get round the next 365 daily marathons, get in touch. There are bound to be skillsets that you have that or people that you know that can make this challenge even more successful.

For example, are you involved in PR and could help get the message out there?Do you or someone you know work in the media (papers / tv / radio) and think they might be interested in this story?
Are you involved in a running club or in organising a race around the UK, that you think I would enjoy running at

If so, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you…