Working with schools

Having two fantastic daughters who are busy every night with some sort of activity ranging from dance, to music to athletics to trampolining, I want to engage and work with schools throughout this 12 month challenge.

The aim is to inspire children of all ages to want to get involved in sport.

Now not reminiscing too much (and of course showing my age a bit), when I was young it was not about X-boxes and Nintendo’s, it was about getting out on our bikes, playing football in the yard, and coming home when it was tea time, shattered and probably grubby.

If I can help just a small portion of children get motivated to get out and run or go to athletics or try a new sport out with some friends, I will have achieved a great goal.

Also knowing that in most schools, a portion of the students families will already have been affected by cancer, sharing what Macmillan’s and the Pilgrims Hospice does to support families, will hopefully be of great benefit too.

I will be keen to run with the students at the school, and this could be in conjunction with a school sports day or a normal lesson, or as a whole school ‘mile’ around the school field as part of my daily marathon.

Also if parents want to come and meet up with me on the morning of the marathon near their school, I would love for them to join me on all or part of the daily marathon. Again, they can do as little as a mile or 5k or 10k or the whole 26.2 miles with me…

From a charity point of view, it will be great if the school can get involved with the students making say a contribution of £1 per student for my visit that can go straight to the charity pot…

I am working closely with the team at a new charity called ‘Kents Sports Trust‘ throughout the year helping to promote sports to students and children across the Kent region, so this will be a good way of “linking the school into” what the charity can do for them throughout the year and other activities and opportunities that they have available.

Working with the schools Art Departments – I am keen for the students to ‘design’ my route for the marathon I will do when I visit their school…