Our Partners


Throughout this 365 day challenge, I am being supported by some pretty amazing people and companies, and in different ways.

Remember this is all about raising money for the two charities.

This is not about ‘paying Ben’ for ‘doing a job’, although there is a significant expense involved in carrying out a challenge like this.

It is possible a main sponsor may get involved, who will help with the day to day logistical expenses of getting to, and running in, all the races throughout the year, covering entrance fees, marketing for donations, petrol, hotels and food etc. But remember, ALL donations go direct to the charities, through the two official charity partner companies – ‘Virgin Money Giving’ & ‘Just Giving’

There will likely be companies helping me with transport and accommodation throughout the year, and I will be thanking them on this site and through social media.

Running almost 10,000 miles in 365 days means that a lot of running kit will be used, and worn out, during that time and companies have been amazing to jump in and help out with running kit and trainers.

Nutrition is of course a key part of keeping me going through 12 months of daily marathons, so I am pleased to say that companies with products that will help me deal with the 1,000’s of calories I will be burning daily, have come on board to support this challenge.

The Running Works

This is a friendly independent running store based in Houndsditch in London. Not only do they have great staff, great running kit and an in-store café, they also have regular runs from the store at lunchtimes and after work. David Plumer, the manager had been a superstar when it comes to providing me with trainers and nutrition for my challenge. I would highly recommend a visit to the store for advice on anything running related!

Hoka One One

Working with the UK territory manager for Hoka, Tony Leonard, I have been lucky enough to be provided with some “Hoka One One” trainers to use during my challenge. I have found these incredibly comfortable for my longer runs and especially over trail terrain, the “marshmallow” souls really soak up all the bumps and stones!


One of my historical ‘Achilles heals’ of running has been ‘shin-splints’… Whenever I increase my distance in the past I have suffered. If you have never had them, they are REALLY painful..! However, once I started using Rocktape, the pain was instantly relieved during the run, and over time my shin-splints have disappeared. Rocktape can be used for all sorts of aches and pains, and Katie Golding has been very helpful in suggesting and showing how to use it effectively.


Because a LOT of my runs are done in the dark – I often run between 3am and 8am – and on the roads, I NEED to be seen and to stay safe. The NoxGear Tracer 360 does exactly that. It is a great bit of running kit and is a lightweight backpack that lights up and uses fibre optics straps to give you 360degree visibility to other road users in the dark. For you dog walkers, they even have a canine version..!

Sarah even organised a 30% discount code for you to use: ‘365MM’

SOS Hydration

One of the key things I have adapted to with my longer runs in training and now my daily marathon runs, is the ‘need’ to hydrate properly. This is equally important before and after the run , as it is on the run. I have been working with Ian Hough of Runfit and SOS Hydration to use the SOS products. I find them easy to use, easy on the palate, and keep me feeling fresh both during and after a run.

Lemon Soul

Guess what? When you have LOTS of pairs of trainers being used, every day, in every weather, they get SMELLY..! And whilst I’d like to tell you it is because I am a teenager, it is not. I just ‘sweat like a pig’ all over, as well as my feet. Once you have gone through a couple of puddles and the trainers have got wet too, and then it is too wet to dry them out properly, they get a bit smelly… You get the picture! Well, fortunately I came across the Giles at Lemon Soul and have been using their product ever since on my trainers. They now smell lemon fresh, instead of being stinky. I even use them on my children’s shoes to keep the whole house smelling fresh..!!

Corporate Donors

Raising £100,000 is not going to be easy…
I think we get slightly ‘immune’ to how hard it is to raise money for charity these days as we see ‘Comic Relief’ and ‘Children in Need’ on the TV raising 10’s of millions of pounds each year.

£10 here, £50 there, from friends, family and social media, whilst SO important, is unlikely to add up to £100,000 even over a 12 month period.

I am hoping to work closely with companies across the UK who can commit to a regular monthly sum to put towards this charity event (which of course will have a tax benefit for their organisation).

I will allocating daily marathons to them throughout the year, and will be using my social media systems to thank them on a regular basis so that they get a benefit from this partnership, as well as the feel good factor of having done some amazing good to the two charities – Pilgrims Hospices and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Quick maths: Just think, with 50 companies all donating £100 per month, for 12 months, that is £60,000..!

Kent Sports Trust

Whilst not a charity that I am actively raising funds for through this challenge, I have a close alliance with the Steve Wolfe and the team at Kent Sports Trust. Their core value is to ‘use sport to foster a culture of encouraging participation in sport across Kent, creating positive health outcomes and helping build communities‘. This ‘fits’ so well with my own ideas.