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July Article 365marathonman

Ben Rogers sets out to run 365 marathons in a year

For many, running the London Marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime endurance test demanding months of preparation, and days of recovery. But not for Ben Rogers who, after completing the epic race in April, forgot to stop running. The 45-year-old is now a quarter of the way through his bid to run a marathon every day for […]

June Article 365marathonman

365MarathonMan joins Brooksieruns

Today was the longest so far in terms of time on my feet, but it felt like the shortest. The reason for this apparent contradiction: I was joined for the first 28 miles by Ben ‘365MarathonMan’ Rogers. Through the power of t’internet, Ben had made contact a few days ago, saying that my route past […]

May Article 365marathonman

365MarathonMan opens fundraising page

I ran London Marathon on 24th April 2016. All 26.2 Miles of it But I forgot to STOP..! Every day I run another MARATHON 26.2 miles per day / 796 miles per month / 9,563 miles in a year I will finish at London Marathon on 23rd April 2017… I am doing this all for Macmillan […]