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About Ben

Ben is 45 years old, and lives in West Malling with the awesome Linda and two lovely daughters, Megan & Caitlin.

He did a bit of running in the early 2000’s when Linda got him into it because she ran – he got fed up just holding her kit at all the races on Sundays and thought he might as well give it a try as well – and then also did some triathlons in the mid-2000’s. However from about 2008 onwards he slipped into middle age “comfort” and did very little exercise apart from the right hand thumb on the remote control buttons.

Deciding that this was a challenge he would do, in late 2015 he started going running again and got himself ready for the start of the challenge in April 2016…

About The Challenge

I will make no excuses for it, the “365MarathonMan challenge” is all about how much money we can raise for two amazing charities in a year..!

So, I will be running 9,563 miles over the next 12 months, 365 daily marathons, to raise money. My personal goal is to raise £100,000 for Pilgrims Hospice and Macmillan Cancer Support, in a year.

My “reason” for doing this is that my stepfather Doug, who had been battling kidney cancer for 3 years, finally lost his battle with the disease in November 2015…

Now you could argue that were lucky to have an extra two and a half years with him as he was given just 6 months at the start. However, no matter how long you have to get used to the facts, it still hurts incredibly when someone you love has to go through such a horrible journey, with only one outcome…

Any time I tell people what I am doing, I get asked why I am doing this crazy challenge..?

The Pilgrims Hospice was just amazing with Doug & my Mum during this time, and I wanted to do something to give back.

Is it to thank the amazing staff at the Pilgrims Hospice who looked after Doug?Is it to challenge myself to the point of breaking, “just” to see if I can do it?Is it a mid-life crisis?
It is probably a bit of all the above, but no matter what, it is going to be an EPIC year..!

I hope you will join me in supporting this challenge.
I look forward to chatting to you over the next 12 months.
I hope you will enjoy the journey with me through this website and the social media that I will use to report on my progress.

And I hope that I will run with some of you throughout the next 365 marathons, whether it is the whole 26.2 miles, or just a few yards of it.

Thanks for following the “365MarathonMan” challenge, and thanks for sharing it with anyone that you know, especially if they are into running or have been affected by this horrible disease, that we WILL beat, called cancer.

With regard to the daily running, this is not a “record attempt” or a “challenge to beat others”. It is a personal feat of endurance to put myself through physical and mental hardship for a year to raise money for charity. There will be days that I may have challenges with illness, or there may be family & work commitments that mean I am unable to complete the full 26.2miles in one day. There will be other days where I do more than the marathon distance. As you will see from the counter on the website, my goal is to run 9,563 miles in 365 days. Most of these will be a “marathon a day”, in full, in one go. But I am not going to be too precious if some days I can’t do it and other days I make up for it. Alternatively, should I get ahead of schedule, I may even take a day off. Maybe…. ;o))

About The Charities

Pilgrims Hospices


Provide specialist care to patients and families across East Kent. Their vision is that everyone should have access to the services they need to cope with illness that cannot be cured and make the best of the time that they have.

Macmillan Cancer Support


“No one facing cancer should walk alone”.  Because they know how a cancer diagnosis can affect everything, they are there to support and help people take back control of their lives. From help with money worries and advice about work, to someone who will listen if you just want to talk, they are there.

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